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Our Story

8 years ago, me and my brother were cleaning a house to earn some cash and realized that we could actually mix something much better than anything that we were using. Cleaning products all market the same magical stars and unreal lifestyle and that’s why people don’t like the activity of cleaning and taking care of your house. We think that people should have a different attitude towards cleaning, a more real and straight forward attitude instead of relating towards a fantasy. So, we started mixing and selling cleaners locally from our garage until reaching the biggest stores in the USA, thank you God!      

Our Founders

Tom, Lead aircraft designer for companies such as Uber, Boeing and the US Marines founded ARTIK with Daniel and then he has been helping the world with his passion, for the aircraft to fly efficient, their design must be perfect, as for the cleaners, to be efficient their desing has to be perfect; you can guess who makes all the designs in ARTIK. Dan founded ARTIK with Tom and has lead the operations of the company along with Tom since they started out in their garage, to selling to big retail stores such as K-Mart, Kroger, Supervalu and more.